Thursday, August 16, 2012

Have Fun Teaching (A fantastic website)!!!

WoW!!!  I just found a fantastic website with anything and everything you need for activities and lessons in your classroom!!  I am still amazed at what all this site offers and it is FREE!!!!!  The site is Have Fun Teaching.  It has a blog, Pinterest page, and a FB page.  Please take the time to check all these out!  You won't be sorry. 

I have still been working in my room, wondering if I will ever get done!!!  Teachers return the 27th of Aug., and school begins Tuesday after Labor Day.  I have been to school for the past 4 weeks working in my room.  I did finally get my calendar up.  I borrowed the idea from The Lesson Plan Diva.  She has it for sale for $8.50, but I made my own using her idea.  Several people at school are already jealous and wanting to use mine! hahaha  It took a long time to make, and I can see why she charges $8.50 for it!

Anyway, check out the website above.  I am still flabbergasted at what all is offered!

Happy Back to School,

Friday, August 3, 2012

Second Grade Perks: Back to School Giveaway

Second Grade Perks: Back to School Giveaway: Well it's almost that time again. Summer break went so fast for me. Feels like it just started. I'm a nerd though, so I'm pretty excited abo...