Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I promise I am still around....

Well, it has been a real busy first 8 weeks of school.  I am still around, but do not have any time for blogging.  I am lucky to visit my favorite blogs once a week!  Going from 5th to 2nd has been a real eyeopener!  I teach constantly...from 8-2:30....barely getting a chance to use the bathroom at lunch.  My kids are so dependent, but I am trying to break them of that!  I think I am finally getting the hang of this whole language arts block, literacy stations, reading groups, PALS, etc.  I am beginning to feel a little more comfortable.  I do love the little kids tho!  We had a fundraiser at Chuck E Cheese tonight, and one of my kids saw me, ran up, put his arms around my belly and screamed my name.  Now, my fifth graders NEVER did that! hahaha 

I hope this lasts forever!  Have a great week, bloggers!  I can't guarantee when I will be back, but hopefully things will slow down soon!!!