Friday, October 28, 2011

It's Friday! and I'm Whining....

Well, I have been busy at school and at home, and blogging has taken a backseat in my life.  I continue to check my posts to see if anyone comments on what I have written, but no.....People are coming to my blog because the counter changes.  I am getting discouraged because of no one commenting.  When I began, I was gungho!  Every day or every other day I was blogging.  The new wore off, no comments were left, and it was just another 'thing' added to my busy schedule.   I know I need to spice it up a bit, but what's the use of pouring more into it when no one comments or visits?!

Sigh.....hope my whining is over.....I get more feedback on my Scoop It page.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Greg Tang

We had the GRCTM (Greater Richmond Council for Teachers of Mathematics) Conference last night, and Greg Tang was the Keynote speaker.  Man, how fantastic is he??!!  Then at dinner, he came and sat by me....what a super guy!  He is funny and intelligent.  He has so many neat tricks about math!  He also has his newest venture up and running....his newest website that his son has helped him 'bring to life'!  If you have not checked it out, please do.  It has his books turned into ebooks, games for kids to play, and other great things to explore!  Let me know what you think about it!!!  Enjoy!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

It's my birthday and you get a 'Doubles' freebie!

A short note to say it is my birthday, and I have a freebie to offer to those that would like it.  It is actually a Promethean flipchart on Doubles or it can be printed, pictures cut out, and students use pics to show the doubles.

This is a screen shot of my flipchart.  I will upload it into Google Docs as a PDF also, so you can download it to cut out pics.  My son did something like this in his class.  They folded several sheets of construction paper in half, stapled them together to make a book, and on each 'page' a pic below was glued.  Above the pic was the number sentence of the double the pic represented.  For example, the armadillo would be 2+2=4, the apples 1+1=2, etc.  Click the pic to get the flipchart file.

Click here for the pdf.  Enjoy!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Testing and entering data

Hi all!

  Yes, it has been a while!  I have been busy giving all the first and second graders a screener to see who would qualify for intervention.  The test was to be on the computers, but with our large county, and everyone trying to test on the same days/times, the testing website couldn't handle the overload.  I opted to use paper and pencil, to avoid not knowing if my technology would work.  I only had a 9 day window to get 9 classes tested, and each class had to go two days.  It seemed the best for me, even tho I am over ridden now with bookoos of data to enter manually.  I have all my first grade entered, and now will begin on the second grade.  Fifty answers for each student multiplied by 100 students = I'm gonna be crazy by week's end! haha

Hope your week is going well!

Monday, October 3, 2011

A PLC at school on Debbie Diller's Math Stations book

I seem to be getting farther and farther behind on my blogging.  With school back in session, there just isn't enough time in the day to do all I wish to do!  (blogging being one of them).  I haven't forgotten about the blogging world, and I have even been spreading the blogging word at school.  

Next week, I am starting a PLC on Debbie Diller's Math Stations book.  After reading all the great ideas and such from the Linky Party, I thought it would be fun and helpful to do a book study for staff development.  I sent out an email to get an idea of how many teachers would be interested, and my principal volunteered to buy the books for participants.  I never thought 24 teachers would sign up!  (I am sure my principal didn't either!)  I ordered the books, and they are all in now!  Next Tuesday is our first meeting, and everyone is supposed to read the first 2 chapters.  I will keep you informed thru my blog of what we discuss, and hopefully get feedback from you, too!  I am WAY excited about this.  I can't wait to see the K-5 teachers using stations in math!!!  and yes, I said k-5.  I have third, fourth, and fifth grade teachers also coming to the PLC.  Everyone does place value, geometry, measurement, and numbers!  I am sure modifications can easily be made!

Anyway, if you have any ideas for leading the group or suggestions for things to stress at our meetings, feel free to leave comments! 

Have a great week!