Wednesday, October 12, 2011

It's my birthday and you get a 'Doubles' freebie!

A short note to say it is my birthday, and I have a freebie to offer to those that would like it.  It is actually a Promethean flipchart on Doubles or it can be printed, pictures cut out, and students use pics to show the doubles.

This is a screen shot of my flipchart.  I will upload it into Google Docs as a PDF also, so you can download it to cut out pics.  My son did something like this in his class.  They folded several sheets of construction paper in half, stapled them together to make a book, and on each 'page' a pic below was glued.  Above the pic was the number sentence of the double the pic represented.  For example, the armadillo would be 2+2=4, the apples 1+1=2, etc.  Click the pic to get the flipchart file.

Click here for the pdf.  Enjoy!

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