Friday, July 29, 2011

My Crate Seats

This is one of the crate seats I made this week.  I got the idea from  It took a few hours to make 6 of them. The more I did, the better I got.  They can be used as seats and for storage.  Here are some quick easy directions.

Materials:  crate, plywood (half inch thick), foam, fabric, adhesive spray, staples (8mm or half inch) and staple gun

Step 1:  Take your crate to Lowe's or Home Depot.  They will cut the plywood for you for free.  Measurements vary depending on crate size/shape.  You want the plywood to sit on the lip of the crate.  They can measure and cut to fit.

Step 2:  Measure and cut your foam (the cheapest I found was egg crate foam for a twin bed) to match the plywood.  I used scissors and they cut through the foam fine.

Step 3:  Spray the plywood with the adhesive spray.  Place the foam on it and press down.  Any hanging over, I cut off.

Step 4:  Lay out your fabric and place the foam/plywood on the fabric.  Measure and cut around leaving 2-3 inches extra to fold over to staple.  The corners you can fold like wrapping a present.  Pull the fabric tight so it is tight, then staple.  I used 5-6 staples on each side. 

Step 5:  Place it on the lip of your crate, and you are finished!

Enjoy....I am!!!

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