Sunday, November 6, 2011

The weekend is almost over....where did it go?

Well, it has been a weekend!  Lots of things have gotten accomplished, but today I have a sick puppy.  He is my 90 lb. Catahoula Leopard Dog named Obi-Wan Kenobi....Obi for short.  Today I spent 3 hours at the vet with him.  He has been throwing up all day since 7am, so finally at 2:30, I took the bull by the horn, and went to the local Petsmart.  They have a pet hospital inside the store.  He was tested for all sorts of things, and I was glad to finally find out he has some type of intestinal parasite instead of a blockage!  He has been able to keep NOTHING down today.  So, $330 and 3 hours later, I am heading home with Obi, a liquid script along with an antibiotic pill, and a prescription diet food.  I get home, attempt to give him 20.5 ml of oral dewormer.......RIIIIIIGHT!  He shakes and blows it EVERYWHERE!!!  Okay, I try to get more down him, and my husband says this is cruel.  We stop.  I then attempt to give him the ORAL antibiotic.  Even put it in some cheese or with peanut butter....anything to get him to take it.  No now I am depressed, my husband wants to know who the vet was that gave our vomiting dog oral meds, and Obi is exhausted.  He is now laying at my feet on his bed....sleeping soundly with an empty belly.  His sister, Princess Leia, is laying beside him.  Yes, we have two Catahoulas.  See the pics below!  This one is Obi.

And this is Princess Leia.

Tomorrow is another work day, and I am in Child Study or Student Support meetings.  Luckily, my husband works from home and will be able to watch Obi.  I will be thinking of him all day!  We then have Parent Teacher Conferences in the evening.  I won't get home until after 7pm.  I do hope he will get better!

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