Saturday, February 4, 2012

A freebie in honor of Pam

One blog I frequented/stalked often was from the Vintage Teacher.  I always looked forward to her Five Friday Freebies.  In November,  I continued to go to her blog, but there were  no updates.  I thought, maybe, she had changed her blog name.  Me, being a 'newbie blogger' didn't really know.  Then, two days ago, I learned of the passing of the Vintage Teacher, Pam.  It saddens me to know that someone so passionate about sharing her love for teaching has left us.  The blogging world, as well as, students, parents, and fellow teachers will miss her greatly.  I didn't know her personally, but I felt that through her blogging, I did know her in the virtual world.    Also, her family asked that each of her products on Teachers Notebook be free.  You may click on her Vintage Teacher blogger button to go to her TN store. 

This freebie (even tho I am new to making teacher resources to pass out to the world) is for her.   If you download, please leave a comment.

Thanks and enjoy....

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