Thursday, March 15, 2012

Busy Busy Busy

Hi Everyone in Blogland.....

Seems like it is longer and longer between my posts.  Honestly, I am trying to get my TPT store up and running, and have neglected my blogging.  Right now even, I am forcing myself to do this, even tho the VCU Rams are about to play in the NCAA Mens Basketball tourney.  Last year, they were the 'Cinderella' team and made it all the way to the Final Four, busting everyone's bracket on the way!  But, I will finish this post before I watch the game! haha Yeah RIIIIIIIIGHT!

Anyway, for those that visit my TPT store, you will notice I had to change my Dr. Seuss activities I made.  Scrappin Doodles, where I got the digital art for those activities, was notified that they were violating copyright laws.  I didn't see it, but oh well.  One would think that Dr. Seuss had made enough money, and wouldn't care if teachers used 'Dr. Seuss's name and characters' in educational stuff.  Guess they are still money hungry...wanting their share of the PIE .  I didn't think any of Scrappin Doodles' graphics looked exactly like the Seuss stuff, and I didn't name any of my things by that name, either.  BUT, I got an email, stating that I had to remove all stuff, free or being sold, with those graphics.  So, I went in this past weekend and changed them all.  It was irritating as hell, but people are still buying them! 

The latest activity I have listed is my Leprechaun graphing activity.   It is for $1 in my TPT store.

It's almost Friday!!!  Have a great weekend!

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