Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Vacation #1 and #2

Hi everyone,

It has been very busy in our household since my last post.  School got out, I spent the next week moving my classroom from one room to another, and still did not get it set up!  No AC in the rooms I was working in, so progress was slow.  I did, however, get all my stuff moved.  Needless to say, you can not walk in the room, but all my crap stuff is in the room. 

The next week (June 23-July 1) we went on our summer vacation to the Outer Banks.  This is our annual Bishop family vacation.  My husband's parents and brother/family go too.  We get a house in Rodanthe and all stay together!  It was a fun time.  We also do an annual family pic.  We make our own tie dyed shirts than have the pic made.

 The Bishop clan.
 The Grandparents with grandkids and granddogs.
 The original Bishop family.
My Bishop family. 

We left Sunday, July 1st headed back to Richmond.  After these pics were taken, my camera battery died.  I knew as soon as I got home, I had to charge my battery in anticipation of our 2nd vacation.  I looked and looked and couldn't find my camera.  I left it at the rental house.  I called the rental company twice, and no one has turned in my camera.  Some house cleaner in Rodanthe  has a $300 camera with all my pics on the SD card.  That's another story in itself, and one that gets me pissed off very angry when I talk about it!!!

On Monday, my son and I began our second vacation....journeying from Richmond, VA to Savannah, TN....a lovely 750 mile trek (with a 7 yr old.....but he was great!)  We bypassed Nashville, and got in a deadlocked traffic jam after an accident happened around the corner from us.  We sat there for an hour.....making our drive 13 hours!  But we made it safely!  We will be here in TN for a week or so, and head back to Richmond on the 12th.

Have a great summer.....my posts were scarce during school, and will be even more this summer.  Hopefully I will post progress of my room setup when I get back 'into the groove' after vacations, and my son goes to summer camp!!!

Until then,
Peace and Love fellow bloggers!

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