Friday, September 9, 2011

Almost finished!!!

Well, I am almost finished setting up my room.  It has been a task taking 23 years worth of 'teacher stuff' and moving it from 2 rooms into one, and from one side of the school to another.  But I do believe the hardest thing has been putting it all away.....getting rid of the boxes, and finally seeing that light at the end of the tunnel!  Here is a pic of the lockers in the room.  Above you can see the boxes that are still there.  In another pic below, you will see a set of mailboxes I am waiting on to be mounted on the wall.  AFter that, I will be able to take all my math games (in some boxes) and stick in the holes and label them.  Teachers will have easy access to them.  In the other boxes are all my math manipulatives.  A bookshelf will go under the mailboxes to hold the manipulatives. (base 10 blocks, teddy bears, scales, etc.)Notice that the floor in front of the lockers is clear.  All the boxes/totes have been emptied or stored on top of lockers.  A HUGE feat!

These are the mailboxes to be mounted to the wall and sitting/setting on the file cabinet for extra support.

This is a two sided bookcase.  My desk is directly behind it facing the left.

These are containers of games and manipulatives.  I tried to decorate them with pics of my family and such.

My tables are still full of stuff that will go on the bookshelves or the mailboxes.  Hopefully, if the GAWDS are with me, I will complete this task on Monday!!!

Final pics on Monday!  Have a great weekend, blogger buddies :o)

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