Monday, August 1, 2011

*sigh* Looks like we are in for a new washer/dryer....

Well, looks like my blogging for today is shot.  My hubby and I began the laundry this morning, and the washer is making a funny noise.  I finally got the water drained out, but the agitator is not agitating, which is aggravating me!  I guess we will join the 21st Century with a new front loading machine along with its dryer component AND the pedestals that go under them....Hubby has headed to Best Buy and Home Depot to get prices, then we will both head to Lowes and do more price checking =/  Anyway, if we get a washer/dryer today, and it is delivered today, there stands a good chance of an update here with something useful/educational.  If we don't get one delivered today, I will head to the laundry mat.  Wish me luck :o)

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