Friday, August 26, 2011

Thanks Hurricane Irene....

In case you were wondering why I was 'back to blogging', my family and I WERE vacationing on Hatteras Island (Rodanthe) on the Outer Banks.  We were evacuated yesterday morning because of Hurricane Irene's expected landfall some time tomorrow.  Although I know I should feel 'safe and sound' now that we are home, it does not make up for the 3 days we missed at the beach.  We always make tie dyed shirts and have a family pic wearing them.  We never thought we would be evacuated so early.  We made the dyes Wednesday, but they had not cured, been rinsed/washed/dried by the time our evacuation began at 8am yesterday.  We do have a family pic, but not in our dyes.  Here we all are yesterday morning before our early and unexpected departure.  You can see the disappointment in and on some faces. 

Now we have to wait on Irene's impact on us in VA, and hope it won't be a bad ride! 
Happy Friday, Blogging Buddies!

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