Tuesday, August 30, 2011

We have POWER!!

WoW!  We finally have power restored in our home/neighborhood!  You really don't realize how much you depend on the 'necessities' in life, until you DON'T have them!  We had power Saturday night in Hurricane Irene until around 7:30 pm.  Trying to tell a 7 yr old that you don't know when it will come back on, that is another post!  We fared okay during Irene tho.  We did have limbs and lots of leaves in the yard, but we did not lose any trees.  Our neighbors were not so lucky, but no trees damaged houses in our neighborhood.  In Metro Richmond, there are still 245,000 without power, which is why my school is closed again today.  This is to be teacher work week, but with no power at the schools, they county has closed them.  I am getting a bit paranoid, because I have not been able to step foot in my room, AND Open House is Thursday night.  My principal did email that she will open the building today at 9am.  Evidently the power was restored to our school yesterday, but out of 60 schools in my county, many are still without power.  I do hope to get into the building today and work on my 'own' time.  The 'planned' staff development meetings this week have been cancelled, to give teachers a chance to get some order in their rooms.  I do hope to have pictures of what my room will actually look like without everyone else's 'stuff' in there.  (go back a few posts to see my new room and all the furniture in it)  Then I will show the progression as I get it ready for learning!  Thanks to all for the well-wishes during Irene.  We made it thru her wrath and the after affects with no power.  Thankfully we now have internet, air conditioning, and the ability to cook (without using the grill) or get into the fridge whenever we want!

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